In the long term I imagine most blocks having mutliple random variations, appropriate animations, connected textures and other pieces of flair but for now the focus is on getting the first pass single variation blocks completed.

Todo List

Overworld Patch

First Pass
Single Variations

Not Done =        Under Review =        Done =

State Block State Block
Stone Clay
Cobblestone Oak Log
Mossy Cobblestone Spruce Log
Stone Bricks Birch Log
Cracked Stone Bricks Jungle Log
Mossy Stone Bricks Acacia Log
Chiseled Stone Bricks Dark Oak Log
Smooth Stone Stripped Oak Log
Granite Stripped Spruce Log
Polished Granite Stripped Birch Log
Diorite Stripped Jungle Log
Polished Diorite Stripped Acacia Log
Andesite Stripped Dark Oak Log
Polished Andesite Oak Planks
Coal Ore Spruce Planks
Iron Coal Birch Planks
Gold Ore Jungle Planks
Lapis Lazuli Ore Acacia Planks
Redstone Ore Dark Oak Planks
Diamond Ore Snow
Emerald Ore Ice
Block of Coal Packed Ice
Block of Iron Blue Ice
Block of Gold Sand
Lapis Lazuli Block Sandstone
Block of Redstone Chiseled Sandstone
Block of Diamond Cut Sandstone
Block of Emerald Smooth Sandstone
Dirt Red Sand
Coarse Dirt Red Sandstone
Grass Chiseled Red Sandstone
Grass Path Cut Red Sandstone
Podzol Smooth Red Sandstone
Mycelium Obsidian
Farmland Crying Obsidian
Grass Snow Bone Block
Gravel Bedrock